dilluns, 17 de novembre de 2014

The Postman (English Sketch)

(Half an hour ago, a postman presented himself at Mr. Williams door, and told him that if he could answer 3 questions he would win a star prize. He won that prize but he rejected it because the first 2 envelopes were empty and after those 2 Mr. Williams was fed up and told the postman to go away, but the postman opened the third envelope and this is what continued...)

Postman- What silly people! They just let me take the star prize instead of them. Why didn't they take the envelope!? They won it.

Mr. Williams- Hey... You! You got the envelope I won!

Postman- Wha... WHAT!? You told me to take it and go away dude.

Mr. Williams- Yes, I know. But now I want it, and it's mine.

Postman- O.K. If you want it, you'll have to answer one more question. If you answer it correctly, I'll give it to you.

Mr. Williams- Wait a minute, I answered 3 questions before. Why do I have to answer 1 more question now?

Postman- It's simple, because you rejected the envelope before. And because it's funny to see you concentrate too.

Mr. Williams- Do you like to see me suffer? Are you a maniac postman or something similar?

Postman- Yes... And nope.

Mr. Williams- O.K. Then... Shoot!
Postman- Let's figure that you are a Spanish bus driver, and you stop in Valencia. 4 girls and 7 boys get on the bus. Then, you stop in Tarragona. 2 boys and a girl get off the bus, while 11 boys and 15 girls get on it.

Mr. Williams- O.K... Let me count... 26... O.K. I got it!

Postman- O.K. Then you stop the bus in Lleida. 22 girls and 19 boys get on the bus. And 9 boys and 7 girls get off the bus. Got it?

Mr. Williams- Eeeehhh... Yes!

Postman- That's my question...

Mr. Williams-(Interrupting the postman) 26 boys and 33 girls, 59 people in total, Yeah!! GOT'CHA!!

Postman- Eeeeeeehh... No, Mr. Williams. The question is, what color are the the busdriver's socks?

Mr. Williams- What?! How am I supposed to know that? O.K. You win. Keep the money. I'll go back to bed

Postman- See you son, Mr Williams!

                                                        Toni Fernández i Joan Bujosa 3er ESO

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